Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Half Way Up= Half Way Home

I am still going to therapy three days a week and working hard to get back in the physical shape I need to be in to return to Central Asia. Today after 45 mins in the pool and another 45 mins in the gym, my dad and I tackled the stairs. In order to go back I have to be able to do eight flights up or down with out dying somewhere in the middle. Today we made it to the fourth floor and back twice. That means I am more than half way there (on average we don't have as many stairs per flight here). Now I just have to wait and see what the doctor says on May 28th.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Asked to Interpret

The other day while I was sitting in the Doctor’s waiting room I heard another patient start to mumble to herself in one of the two languages I have had to study since moving to Central Asia. I quickly struck up a conversation with her about where she was from, her family, what our health problems were that had brought us to the Doctors and so on. All too shortly she and her son-in-law were called in for their appointment and our conversation and subsequently my language practice ended abruptly.

Two minuets later the doctor himself stepped out of the office and came to seek me out in the waiting room, “Karen, do you think you could come in and give us a bit of a hand?” “I’ll try” I offered boldly, but even as I offered I knew the job would be way above my head. I only studied this language for eight months and that was three years ago. During that time I focused on learning how to give taxi drivers directions to my home, how to barter and buy things from the market, how to call a repair man to come and fix my hot water tank (again), and how to discuss the weather and daily activities with my neighbours. Medical Terms 101 was not part of my eight month curriculum. The next ten minutes involved me trying with my limited vocabulary to translate the doctor's probing questions, and keep up with her speedy delivery of complaints and complications. I don’t know if the doctor got half the information he needed, but considering my services were free, I can guarantee they got their moneys worth from this interpreter.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Scarred for Life

While it is true that I have been incommunicado for almost two months, I do have two new knees to show for it.

Check out the scars

It has been a hard and tiring two months in which I spent four weeks in hospital, lost twelve pounds, cried more than I have in years, and worked my butt off in physio. The past two months have been filled with ups and downs. But I am so thankful for people who gathered around me and blessed me with visits, prayers, gifts and support. Most of all I want to thank my parents for their unending care through it all. At every turn they were by my side, encouraging me, and cheering me on.