Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An Intellectual Challenge

For the last five weeks I have been on the road. I have visited Brantford, Ottawa, St Tomas, Cambridge, London, and Toronto. On of the highlight of my trip was getting to attend class. I have been called a professional student, others have suggested that studying might be an addiction in my life that has a stronger hold than coffee. But the truth is this past semester (January- May 2007) was my first semester since 1984 that I have not been a student. I have been suffering withdraw pains, but thankfully for me this year September came early. To help celebrate my back to school endeavours my old college bought me a bright neon flower power binder (very seminaryish).

For the past three years in Central Asia I have been a language student. It was a very humbling experience to go from Graduate studies where every day I was thinking, critiquing, and incorporating information, to language school where I learn how hard it is to count to 10 and say hello. I audited both of my classes which means I listen to the professors, participate in group discussion, and not have to do any of the assigned homework. The nice things about my classes this past month is that not only where they intellectual challenges, they challenged my heart and how I was going to use and apply the information.