Sunday, February 25, 2007

A long Road Home

Early in the morning of January 17 I got on the plane and headed to the warm weather. The first stop was Hong Kong, (where we had originally hoped to process our new work visa’s for the coming semester but since the paper work did not go through in time) we ended up just hanging out. Hong Kong is a huge city. We where able to stay with one of my friend’s family. Although I was a little offended when her 80 something year old aunt suggested that I was a country bumpkin lost in the big city. I just kept staring at everything, tall buildings, Subway systems, shopping malls and crowds pushing their way through it all.

I learned that there are only two things to do in Hong Kong: eat and shop. We sure did a lot of the former.

From Hong Kong we flew to Thailand. Bangkok has one of the most amazing hospitals in the whole world; in two hours you can see a doctor, get blood tested, fill your prescriptions, have an eye exam, review the results of the blood test with the doctor and drink some Starbucks coffee, no appointment necessary.

I spent two weeks in class/conferences which were a lot of fun and encouraging. I learned that if there is an American idol night to stay as far away as possible, if you don’t go you can’t be asked to sing a song you don’t know in front of a group of people. My performance was more like a laughing hyena than a song. It was wonderful to be surrounded by sunshine and friends

There were many more exciting steps of the trip along the way, but I am just so thankful to be back home.


Lisa said...

Missed you girl ... glad you're back.

Lisa said...

Missed you girl .... glad you're back

KSA said...

Hey Dolly
You really look good. But too many ice cream sundaes like that one and you'll be packing on the pounds. I really liked the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back! You don't know me, and I don't know you, but I really, really enjoy your blog. You've given me such a wonderful glimpse into another culture, plus you are just delightful. I've been checking regularly to see if you're back, and was beginning to think your blog might be over. Very sad. Now you're back. Hurrah!!