Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy 100th Post

Yes, for those of you who have faithfully been keeping up with the KSA Daily we have finally hit the big mile stone of 100 posts. But as I reflect on the last almost year and a half of blogging I realize that maybe the KSA Daily is a bit of a misnomer. A year and a half is roughly 548 days. That means I have posting something new once every 5 ½ days. Maybe I should rename my blog “KSA Every 5.5 Days” or the “KSA Occasionally”, maybe the “KSA Whenever I Feel Like It” or the “KSA Only If Something Somewhat Interesting Happens In My Life” would be closer to the truth.

Seriously though, I started the blog to help communicate some of what my life is like on the other side of the world. Since I have been home many of my friends have let me know that Blogging is so ‘out’ compared to face book. I will be taking a few weeks away from the blog as I go into the hospital for surgery. While I'm gone I ask that if you still bother to occasionally check the “KSA Somewhat Regular”, that you leave a comment to let me know weather or not this is worth my time and energy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen

I like your Blog. I just made it one of my home pages. I think you should keep it. Facebook is overrated. Do both just copy and paste info into both.

I read about your operation. You go in a day after my father in law goes in for surgery. He's at London.


Randy Moore

Anonymous said...

Yes, please keep posting. Best wishes for a quick recovery from surgery!

Rachel Starr Thomson said...

I read it! And enjoy it. And honestly, Facebook is not so good for painting pictures of life in other parts of the world, except through pictures.

I'm a words girl myself :).

Ethicsprof said...

Karen- where are you? I 'm of that generation that doesn't Facebook, Myspace, etc., ad nauseum.

Do we have to start making up imaginary blog posts for you?

Hmmmmm..... could be fun!

Old Mark

PS - Want to grade some papers for me?