Friday, August 08, 2008

Trading Spaces

As many of you may have heard, while I was home in Canada I met a Uyghur man who had a three bedroom apartment for rent right on my university campus. Talk about ‘coincidental’ I took one look at the place and decided to move out of my small 7 ½ foot, by 7 ½ foot dorm room into a nice new place. The apartment is in the prefect location, near the centre of campus and on the first floor.

Just take a look!

Outside my front window

My Living room

My Dining Room

The Kitchen ( the sink and the stove are both out on the balcony)

My bedroom ( there is a spare bedroom too, but it is still a mess from moving)

And my favourite room: the office with floor to ceiling built in bookshelves on both sides of the window.


Anonymous said...

Way to go... this is a real 'answer' for you and will keep the new parts in showroom condition.

Keep us updated on how the decorating goes.

Anonymous said...

Oops- pressed submit accidentally. I was wondering where you got the furniture and decorations that we see. Did it come furnished or did that all come from your little room????

KSA said...

The furniture all came with the appartment. I had a few things to move from my dormroom, but not enought to fill a three bedroom place. So I am very thankful for all the furnishings.

Dejon said...

Vary nice Ksa I am really happy for you. Now you can welcome quest and friends without the stare climbing. Those pictures are amazing, I was told about the apartment before but that I a lot more than I expected way to go.........