Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Super Powers

Every good superhero has a power that sets them apart from the average guy. Some are born with these powers and some get them due to traumatic incidences. Superman can fly and look through things with his x-ray vision, Spider man can climb walls and shoot webs from his hands. Last week, while traveling around the desert (what many might call a traumatic experience) ,I learned about my own super power – the ability to pack everything I need for a week of uncertain travel in a small backpack. While it may not be right up there with crime fighting, I think most North American women would be impressed (or possibly shocked and appalled) to learn that I fit: clothing, pj’s, toiletries, books, and snack food all in that little bag.


~ Amanda ~ said...

wow! i thought i was pretty good at packing light, but you definitely have me beat!

Unknown said...

Good one! Even in life it is best to travel lightly.