Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coca Cola Bridges the Gap

In every one of the major shopping centers here customers are required to put their bags and purses in a locker near the front door. Greeters wait at the store entrance more intent on making sure you don’t have a bag to shoplift with, than actually welcoming you to their establishment. These locker spaces can also be put to good use for hanging notices and advertisements. Recently the Coca Cola Company posted this picture.

Every part of this picture screams Uyghur culture, from the woman dressed in atlas wearing a headscarf, the men in hand stitched traditional shirts and dopas, to the table filled with fried noodles and fruit. The coke company simply plucked the tea pot from their hands and exchanged it for a bottle of pop. I thought it was hilarious.

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Josh said...

Great photo! I saw those kind of locker advertisements all the time and it provided some great laughs.

Do you think that's an official Coca-Cola ad?