Saturday, March 26, 2011


Right outside the front gate of my apartment complex is a blast from the past, a look at a trade that has all but gone by the way side in North America. The Cobbler/ Shoe repair man sits outside all day, rain sleet or snow waiting for someone in need of getting their footwear fixed. This guy can shine your shoes, or when it snows he can winterize them by adding a slip proof tread. It is so much cheaper to pay him one dollar to re-sew on the sole or reinforce the bottom of my shoes instead of buying brand new ones. Since I hate the whole process of shoe shopping, bending down, and trying on pair after pair to find one that fits just right, I keep going back to fix the old ones. I think I have done it one too many times, when the guy who does this for a living takes one look at the footwear in my hand, rolls his eyes, and says “These shoes again”.

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