Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Main Event

The whole purpose behind my trip home this year was not just to visit with old friends or even to have my appendix out… the main purpose was to witness the wedding of my big brother and to share in their special day.

June 4th marked this important day in their lives and I was glad that I could celebrate with them. The ceremony itself was very beautiful and very intentional in it message. I finally have a sister!

You may notice that we are wearing shawls in a few of the pictures… those were not standard wedding apparel. In fact I picked them up at the grand bazaar in Central Asia before coming home. I had seen a picture of the bridesmaids dresses on-line and knew they were way too revealing. I had told my Muslim neighbors that I was going home for my brother’s wedding, if I brought back photos of me looking that inappropriate they might disown me. I bought a white shawl for the bride as well, so that they would know my brother had found himself a virtuous wife (since being home I have got to know her and see her beautiful heart… but sadly that wouldn’t communicate cross-culturally if all that can be seen is bare shoulders). Decent or indecent it was a beautiful day.


Beth said...

You look lovely - looks like you are back to normal health, just in time for the wedding! Did you find it uncomfortable going bare-shouldered, after dressing modestly for so many years?

Anonymous said...

Oolala! Check out that hair and makeup! I'm so glad you were still able to go, and I can't wait until you return to me... Love you!

Lisa said...

You look so pretty Karen! I love your hair like that. Looks like a very special day. Glad you were feeling well enough to go.