Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cool Deals are Disturbing Realities

The most common form of advertising in this country is not a flyer in the mailbox or a billboard at the side of the road. Instead companies big and small pay individuals to stand on the street and hand out business cards or coupons with their information printed on it. I have heard some of these employees get paid per card they get rid of. Which means the worker are quite insistent to press the information into the palm of your hand as you stroll by. Some companies try to make their handout more appealing by printing up a brochure of some type to be distributed in the same manner.

My friend stopped to accept one of these handouts the other day. This time the advertisers had gotten creative. The information was printed on a cardboard type heavier paper and cut out in the shape of a fan, each one of the flyers even came with a handle so that passer byers could fan themselves with a cool breeze as they continued on their way in the hot summer sun. My friend noticed that the fan was printed with several large price tags declaring low, low deals. She quickly scanned the paper to see what was being sold so cheaply and was disturbed to realize it was a hospital praising the painless and healthy means by which they executed abortions.

This brightly colored and animated summer cool down advertisement that has been forcefully pressed into her passing hand was a reminder of a painful reality that abortion is part of everyday life here. Small children and adults alike were fanning themselves with these deathly good deals, there was no shame in publicizing the topic.

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