Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Someone mentioned to me that my last point sounded bitter and unlike me (Thanks for calling me on it guys). That was not my intention. To show you all that I am still happy, healthy and well adjusted I thought I could join the masses and post some Halloween pictures. This is my roommate’s favorite holiday (hence our birthday party last year). We had a simple night at home, decorating our front entrance, wearing our cool socks while watching “Nightmare before Christmas”, carving pumpkins and waiting for our two annual trick-or-treaters.


A said...

i have never seen pumpkins carved so beautifully! what a great idea! i love it!!!

Rahangul said...

still haven't seen nightmare before Cmas. Isn't Johnny Depp in it?

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Except for Halloween is originated in Ireland ;) not in North America.