Friday, March 30, 2012

11 Year Old Driver

The best way to travel through the desert is to wave down any guy with an open back flat bed truck and make a deal. Remember to tuck your legs in so as not to kick passer- byers, but be careful not to get them caught in the wheel. As we were walking through these tiny little side streets a young cart driver raced by us. He was very thrilled to see five white ‘Americans’ walking down his regular route. The cart continued to race forward as the tiny driver spun right around in his seat to openly gawk and stare at us. Despite his not being able to keep his eyes on the road (demonstrating poor driving skills), we all piled on his vehicle for a ride back. Before getting on, one of my travel companions had to grill the kid a little. He asked our driver how old he was and when the answer came back 11, he asked a follow up question to know whether or not the kid’s mom knew he was out driving, or better yet if he even knew how to drive. His answer should have been “I think so”… considering his fascination with us continued to the point he almost ran over a mother carry her baby as they crossed the street. Maybe there is a reason we don’t let kids have their license until they are 16 (and even then still with restriction).

I guess we should just be thankful that neither of these little guys where our driver.

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