Thursday, August 02, 2012

All Wet

In dryness of the dessert shop keepers will often save the extra water from cleaning their shops and use it to keep the dust down out front their store.  At different intervals throughout the day you might see them toss a whole bucket of water out the door.  This is not all that interesting or really even worth blogging about except for the fact that yesterday….

I happened to walk by at the exact second the guy sent the water sailing through the air in front of his small electronic store.  The bulk of the water fell on my head and started dripping down.  The poor shop owner looked horrified to realize he had caught a passerby.  Others stopped mid stride watching and waiting for my response, expecting me to lose my calm and yell at the guy.  I was slightly grossed out, not knowing what else this potentially dirty, gross water had been used for, but I was also kind of refreshed by its cool wet relief in the middle of a stifling hot summer’s day. 

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Anonymous said...

Hehe, so HOW did you respond?!