Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Night in the Bathroom

It is pretty sad that even after living here more than two years my stomach still has not totally adjusted itself to the food. I must say when you are sick, and you can’t bend all that well, Squaty-Potties are just not the most helpful thing. I was thankful that the shower is right there to help with clean up. I will save you from the details, but I think this picture of my bathroom will give you a pretty good idea.


Anonymous said...

hmm...i think i should've just decided the title was self-explanatory and stopped there...but since i didn't, know you have my sympathies to the extent that i actually read (and could obviously imagine) one of my worst fears played out in a bathroom you probably don't spend too much quality time in... :oS

Anonymous said...

We've been renovating ours for the last year or so... this actually looks pretty good!

Anonymous said...

WHAT??? That's a gorgeous bathroom! Actually not using the seat is better for your health in the long run. Sitting on a seat too long can give you hemeroids(not sure how to spell that). Squaty potty is good for your health, wish you become accustom to healthy toilet style soon.