Sunday, March 04, 2007

It Sounds Like a War Zone Out There

Yesterday was considered the last day of the Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year is celebrated all over Asia, and the 18th day marks the finale. On this night everyone lets off firecrackers. Trust me when I say that July 4th has nothing on this party. Every family lets off fireworks. I didn’t even know they made so many different kinds until I moved out here. Some are long strips that people hang on poles from their windows, others are cases of sparking type fluid, some can be shot into the sky like a gun. I always thought fireworks were meant to be beautiful, but last night I learned some are just loud and bright.

We were walking to my friends house after dinner, and had to watch our step, sparks were falling from the sky, firecrackers were popping up from the sidewalk, some were bouncing off windows, cars had to drive slowly so that they didn’t get set on fire. It was a crazy night, but the celebration is now over, and the ground is covered with red paper from the light display.

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