Friday, August 03, 2007

We Have a WINNER

In the latest KSA Querterly I said . I will still give a prize to the first kid that learns to say my name. But it seems that no matter how long they sit on my lap and I whisper “Karen, Karen” all that comes out is “mama”. Yesterday I got a phone call from my old college roommate. I answered the phone and she said. "we won. Listen to this. David, David come here.... who is this in the picture?" A small voice responded "Aun' Karen" Way to Go David you did. Check your mail for a free small french fry coupon at McDonalds.

Here is Our WINNER David Baptist

Some of the runners up (and equally loved kids I have meet this summer)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aww...that's so cute... will you give me a coupon for french fries if i can pull it off too? ():o)

sorry i missed you the second time you were in town - but really glad to see you the first!

have you had enough people bugging you to join facebook yet?? yes, i have given in.