Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get to the Point- Uyghur Trinkets 2

This little tool is very common in Uyghur life:

A) They use it to brush the wool for making carpets. Uyghurs are famous for their carpet production… their hand tied masterpieces are thick and soft… but if you want a soft carpet you need to start with soft wool.

B) We eat a lot of lamb meat here, which is good, but it is not tender. Mutton is known for being hard to chew, and so this tool is used as a meat tenderizer. You can find them in every Uyghur kitchen.

C) This is a bread stamper. The Uyghur people eat bread called nan. It is a flat bread and in order to keep it from raising in the center they stamp a pattern on it. Which is handy since it also makes it really pretty.