Wednesday, April 29, 2009


April 15th is the magic day when the heat all over the city is turned off. It is a sign to all that spring has sprung, and that we have finally turned the corner out of our dismally dark winter. The air quickly clears out the remaining coal dust, and the mountains can be seen once again highlighting the bright blue skies.

That is until the temperatures drop and my first floor apartment gets so cold. When it is damp and cold outside there is no way to heat our apartments, it is like I go around with popcicles as figures for the last two weeks of April. I have to wear three layers in the house, but some days can strip down to short sleeves when I go outside. I miss the days when every house has its own thermostat and temperature control. Oh to be warm again.


Anonymous said...

I feel for ya girl! I hate being cold!!!!!!

~ Amanda ~ said...

our heat gets turned off may 15 so we have about 2 weeks more and then potential chillyness at night. hope it warms up for you soon.