Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucky Me

Today while I was over at my tutor's house I received what is considered a blessing in this culture. Our teacher had to leave the room for just a minute to grab the dictionary, and she handed me her few month old baby to hold. As I was cooing away at the cute little bundle in my arms, I started to feel a warm wetness in my lap. When it comes to babies some things are not culturally different, which made it pretty easy to guess what my problem was. However, when my teacher returned to the room instead of apologizing ( like a good Canadian would), she exclaimed about how lucky I was. I guess in her culture, being peed on by a baby is considered good fortune, I however, just considered it being wet. As soon as my teacher was settled I did quickly return him to his mom, before he could bestow on me a 'second blessing'.


Anonymous said...

ewwwwwwww. thats one blessing I could do without! hehehe.

(sorry for the influx of comments all at once. I needed to catch up) :)

~ Amanda ~ said...

oh i'm sorry but i laughed out loud when i read "second blessing". hehehe