Monday, August 31, 2009

I Want to Win Coffee

Tim Horton's, my all time favourite coffee place, is having a contest this summer. We had to write a true story about how our summer road trip included Tim Horton's. My trip home at the end of July might not count as a 'Road Trip" per say since I flew the whole way... but it did make a good coffee story.

You can check it out, my story is entitled "Friendly Stranger". Please feel free to vote for me. One of the prizes is a years supply of coffee. I hope they are willing to send that overseas if I win.


ethicsprof said...

Oh Karen, Tim's coffee? You are a wonderful, wonderful person but your taste buds have been trampled upon... and I won't even mention the quality of the donuts since they started reheating frozen dough in the stores instead of baking fresh donuts.

Hey... at least it's a taste of home.

Randy said...

I gave you a vote.

Anonymous said...

Loved the story!!! And, I voted for you....5 cups!!! Hope you win. You deserve it!