Friday, August 21, 2009

Not Bad For a Foreigner

I once again set my hand to the task of Uyghur cooking. This is not a new experiment for me by any stretch, but unlike in the past my guests today have actually lived in Central Asia... they know what the food should taste like.

The menu consisted of one dish "da pan ji" literally translated "big plate of chicken". It is a large platter filled with; potatoes, peppers, garlic and of course chicken. When I first moved to Central Asia five years ago I hated it. I found it way to spicy. But now it is one of my favourites. I try to make sure I get some da pan ji at least once a week.

In Central Asia they use what we fondly refer to as chainsaw chicken, a whole chicken that has just been hacked up into bit size pieces, but today for my families enjoyment I used boneless skinless chicken breast. The real question is... can you tell the difference?


Anonymous said...

Nice work, cat. Looks tasty! I still haven't made it even though I have 3 seasoning packets. I did make polo this week and that was interesting. For one thing, it was my first time cooking red meat, and I also found the rice in America is not the same as rice in Asia. It was tolerable, but a far cry from real polo. Hope you're having a good time up north. Keep us posted on your plans!

Beth said...

it looks the same to me...but did it taste the same?!

KSA said...

Your right Beth taste is more important than how it looked. Mine tasted good, but not nearly as spicy as the real thing.