Saturday, January 09, 2010

Face Mask Instead of Fruit

When news of the swine flu first started to be reported last year, I heard more than one Uyghur joke that we wouldn't have to worry, since the Uyghur diet is no pork allowed. But as we know H1N1 has spread far and wide and there have been some reported deaths in our city. This has fears running high and face masks on.

Every local store now sells surgical face masks. They come in every colour and fashion print imaginable. The other day my friend came over for a visit, but instead of bringing me the customary gift of fruit, she brought a pale purple heart print face mask.

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Anonymous said...

I said the same thing about living over here, yet we were slammed with it, and not only that....I got it some months ago!!!!! If I were you, I'd relish in that gift :) It was horrible!!!