Friday, January 22, 2010

Holiday Hostess

Due to the flu not all the students will be able to return to their home towns over the Korban Festival. My roommate and I got to thinking how lonely and miserable it would be to have to spend Christmas in dorm away from family and friends. We may not be good Uyghur Mama's but we figured we could open up our home over the holiday for some of our local friends who are stuck here away from their families. So the night before Korban the girls came over to our house and prepared some traditional food (lamb meat ball soup). They all shared some favorite traditions and memories and we tried to make as many of them come true as we could. Normally foreign students around the world feel honoured if they get invited to someone's home to share in the traditional holiday, this year we, the foreigners, played host to a festival that was not our own.

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