Friday, August 20, 2010

What A Week

A friend and I are in the midst of a lot of change. We are hoping to open our own “Language Consultation” Company in the next few months. The first step to opening a company is to find an office space, so that every receipt and documentation can be registered to that location. One of our friends was getting rid of her old office so we rented it from her. One step down only about a 1000 left before I am an official business owner.

I am also trying to move to a better location in town that will put me within walking distance of our new office space. I used a local apartment locater service to help me find a place. I wanted to find a place no higher than the third floor, and close to a main bus stop. Some of the places they showed me this week were ‘less than positive’. In one the kitchen was nothing more than a cement box, in another the walls were just metal dividers. After a lot of looking I finally found a perfect location today. It is a five minute walk from our office building, it has three bedrooms and it is fully renovated.

When renting an office or a home in this country we are required to pay the first years rent right up front. This is a lot of stress and change at the same time. While my responsibilities will be increasing I am afraid my bank account will find that this week has a definite decreasing effect on it.

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Jen said...

An office and a new apartment! That's great to hear!