Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Loving Memory

I am the type of girl that loves to read biographies of those who have gone before. In some way they act as mentors in my life, I might never have met them but their lives challenge me. At times I think my life out here is difficult, but the trials of finding worms crawling on my table is nothing like the exploits I read of in their biographies.

Today some friends and I made the trek outside of town to visit the grave site of foreigners who lived here years ago. These people sacrificed their very lives to see this place grow and develop. That sort of commitment and love for this place is a huge personal challenge for me. Two of the graves in the pictures below are those of babies or toddlers who died as their parents persevered in this place. It was both a sobering and challenging day. So this post is dedicated in loving memory of those who have come before to this place. They have tilled the soil and opened doors that I can enjoy my life today.


Beth said...

That is so moving, and challenging for me too, having my own baby and toddler. Thank you for sharing.

Jill K said...

K- SO so great to catch up with several posts from you. I love your writing.... and this post is an outstanding super incredible one for me to also be inspired by. THANK YOU dear friend.

Much love to you.... it will be sweet to be with you there hopefully before too much longer! We're dreaming of all making a good summer trip next year!

Lizabeth said...

This post is so sad, but good, it reminded me of one of my own sweet sisters in heaven. I almost cried, had I been alone, I would have almost certainly have cried.