Saturday, September 18, 2010

Unwanted Company

The new house is starting to take shape, although it seemed to take us forever to get the shower, toilet, washing machine and internet up and going. We started inviting friends over before the process was finished. So even though there were no couch cushions to sit on, we tried to make our house warm and welcoming to our guests, by setting out dishes of snacks on the table.

I grabbed a few pistachio nuts to nibble on as I talked. Suddenly, I was distracted from our conversation by a little tickle crawling down my thumb. It seems like the pistachios were older than I thought, and a little worm had moved with us to our new house. I tried to discretely brush him away without drawing my guest attention to our other little friend. I was rather embarrassed by the infestation of my snack table.

A few minutes later I notice my friend was tapping the shell on the table before eating its contents; sure enough a little buddy also fell out onto the table and started to slither along the surface. Another Worm! What was this a whole family of unwanted company, come to munch on our food? I really shouldn’t let it bother me so much. I don’t know how many times I have been at a person’s house and had to eat around critters in my fruit or crawling out of the bowl. But this week it was my house, Oh the shame.


Anonymous said...

That is some spread you got going there......

Beth said...

Sheds a new light on that big plate of long, squirmy-looking things you have sitting to the right!