Sunday, February 13, 2011

Goodbye Sunshine

I have left the warmth of Thailand and arrived back to the wintery chill of home. Even though this means saying goodbye to the warm sunshine and the glistening beach, there are still many things I am thankful for:
108) Safe travels

109) Seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time

110) The chance to debrief a very stressful year and a half with a wise counselor, whose words of wisdom and truth resonated with me in such a deep way that they felt like a breath of fresh air.

111) After those conversations the ensuing sense of freedom I had and the ability I had to let go of some responsibility that was never really mine in the first place

112) For the chance to go swimming with my friends kids. It is so fun to hear them yell “Aunt Karen, Watch me” as we splash around in the cool roof top pool of our hotel.

113) To have a pool side seat as my friends play watermelon waterpolo

114) finding sand dollars on the beach, or discovering that there is still a snail living in the shell that I put in my pocket the night before

115) the free hotel breakfast that every morning included fresh pineapple, mango, papaya and dragon fruit

116) Fresh fruit slushies

117) Reading biographies of those who have gone before… their stories live on today as a strong mentor in my life

118) My friend taking the time to write up a good suggested reading list for the next year

119) A break from running to government offices and doing business stuff

120) Not being one of the many people at our hotel who got salmonella poisoning from eating the buffet lunch one day

121) My friend's willingness to drive a car in Thailand, even though it is the other side of the street, so that we could enjoy a cheaper vacation

122) The cheap price of an hour long foot massage

123) I was very thankful when the lady behind us on the train finally got off. She had been suffering with motion sickness ( and being sick in a bag) for the first 6 hours of our 13 hour ride across the country.

124) Auntie Ann’s cinnamon sugar pretzels

125) Time spent celebrating with friends

126) Steroid shots in my shoulder that decreases pain and helps me sleep better

127) For an overall good check up at the doctors and the amazing hospital facilities here

128) Fresh smelling laundry that was dried in a dryer and the use of fabric softener

129) That even though we carried back an extra bag for my roommate, we were never charged for having over weight language

130) For friends who put up with me for weeks of travel, even when I am cranky and tired and still calls me a friend at the end of it

131) the time and planning that many people put in to organizing a retreat

132) Wisdom shared with me by people who have lived cross culturally in this part of the world for many years

133) To have survived a night in their airport and more than 24 hours on route home

134) I am very thankful to be home in my own bed after staying in a total of seven different hotels (not counting the airport bench).


Beth said...

I love your thankful lists. They are so inspiring to me.

I also love that blue dress you're wearing! it's not gaudy at all!

Dave said...

looks like you had a much needed break!! and I'm soooo thankful (on your behalf) for that!!! Hope you're transition back to reality is not too jaring... martina

Jennifer H. said...

I miss you, K. I hope to see you when you visit.