Saturday, September 17, 2011

Parsley and Tomato Cake

My Uyghur friend treated me to a piece of cake at a local bakery the other day. This friend works at one of the American owned restaurants. Her place of employment has the best cake in town, (so good it would have your grandmother re-evaluating her family recipe). After working there for a while I was sure my friend had good taste in cake.

But the sweet set in front of me had more icing in the whole creation than there was any really cake. The icing was decorated all fancy will colourful swirls and such. The top of the creation displayed a thoughtfully placed piece of parsley and half of a cherry tomato.

My friend split the treats by eating the tomato and insisting that I enjoy the Parsley. I grew up being taught you are never supposed to eat the garnish. But the real question was: What was parsley doing on my cake in the first place?

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Rahangul said...

I just made some REALLY good maple nut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting- I'd pick them over the tomato and parsley any day! However, to eat it with a local friend over there- it'd be worth it.