Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Body Language

My roommate has been teaching English part time at t local Middle School (The school’s English slogan, which is printed on every student’s school jacket is: swifter, higher, stranger). Despite the misprint on their clothing, she was pleasantly surprised to find how high of a language level they really have.

One day in class she was doing a warm up activity with them. Yelling out things like “Stand up if you are an only child”. “Stand up if you have ever traveled to another country” “Stand up if ….”

One of her question was “Stand up if you can speak three or more languages”. Three students jumped out of their chairs. She decided to inquire further. Looking at the first student she asked “What three languages do you speak?”

“Uyghur, English, …” then he proceeded to name some other local language that is rather popular out here.

The second student was able to sit down with a simple “The same three”

Turning to the last student, “and you?” she asked.

“I speak English, Uyghur, and…” with a smug, smarty pants look on his face “body language” he said in an elaborate voice.

The class burst into giggles and my roommate groaned inwardly, 'that's they type of day it is going to be.'

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