Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dancing on the Bus

Buses here are known for being over crowded. The running joke is: “How many more people can you fit on the bus?” The answer is always: “One more”. Some of you may remember a few summers ago when my foot almost got broken because of a crowded bus.

People were squished at the front of the bus so tightly that the driver told me to jump on the back. I passed my money in and ran around to the back door. There were already two people occupying the back bottom step, and the three of us hung on until the door was shut tightly behind us. When we arrived at the next stop the back door flew open with force right on my foot. This left me limping on a very swollen foot for the next few weeks. Overcrowded buses are just part of life here.

That’s what made our experience the other night seem even odder. My friend and I got on a bus and it was empty. Just us and the driver. We had the whole space to ourselves. We ended up tossing our purses on one of the nearby seats and dancing up and down the aisles like our life was a musical. This was unique in that there was no one else squished in next to us. When our bus pulled to a stop at the traffic light we could see that drivers in the cars next to us were craning their necks to see what was going on in the bus. That didn’t stop us, we kept dancing till we reached our destination. One other passenger eventually joined us, but you could tell was uncertain of what was going on. He timidly stayed seated in the chair right behind the driver as we continued to swing and sway our way down the street. When we got home we found this video on Youtube, a different part of the world, and a different mode of travel- but these guys get the joy of dancing on public transportation.


Dave said...

LOVE THIS!!! too funny...i can just picture it!! And those guys looked like they had a great time making that video too! :) martina

Beth said...

Love it!!! Too bad the extra passenger didn't start dancing with you :)

Josh said...

That's hilarious. That YouTube video of "Dancin' on the Train" has to be one of my favorites. Catchy tune and hilarious reactions :)