Thursday, January 12, 2012

TV on the Bus

For the rest of the population (those who aren’t willing to get up and dance to their destination) the public transportation department has provided its own entertainment. All of the newer city buses have TVs on them, which tend to play the strangest loops of programming I have ever seen. There are of course commercials for stores and companies around town, but there are also reduce reuse and recycle suggestions as part of the governments green intuitive (most days this place seems anything but environmental, but at least this bus add campaign is a start).

While riding the bus I have learned how to rinse out my cooking oil container cut off the top and use it to store children’s toys. I have learned how to properly fold a bed sheet so that it takes up less room in the cupboard, how to make cute crafts out of toilet paper rolls and different ideas for reusing flour sacks after they are empty. Yesterday they had a 5 minute segment on how to use the rest of the powder/foundation in your compact after it is dried out and clumpy. Every ride is a new lesson; many of them leave me scratching my head asking “how is that Green?” But as traffic gets worse and worse in the city it is nice to have some sort of entertainment as we stand squished like sardines for over 30 minutes.

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