Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Special K

I love cereal. I absolutely love it. If I had my way I would eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But cereal is one of those, hard-to-find, overpriced, never-really-tastes-quite-like-home, type of items out here. I have been disappointed more than once by off brands and weird flavors. Disappointed, that is until recently when some of the Uyghur supermarkets in my neighborhood started stocking Turkish imported Special K. They even had a buy one get one free sale a little while ago for international woman's day... I saw it as a chance to hoard a little.

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Beth said...

OHHH! I LOOOVE cereal too.....I can eat bowl after bowl! I have always had a secret fear of having to move to any other country than Canada, where Shreddies don't exist...I have not yet thought to have the fear of moving to a country where cereal does not exist at all. Scary!! I just gained a lot more respect for you :)