Thursday, September 04, 2008

Twins on the Town

It is considered a horrific embarrassment in North America for a woman to arrive at an event only to discover someone else is wearing her same outfit. We value our individuality and how it is expressed in our clothing.

Here the values are very different and much more communal. It is considered a wonderful expression of friendship for ladies to dress alike. They will walk around town or attend a wedding walking arm in arm with a close friend who has on the same dress.

In the past I have gone sweater shopping with some of my Uyghur friends so that we could express our friendship in this way. This week one of my American friends and I went shopping at the fabric market and both fell in love with the same bright red, orange, pink, black and white ( I really do like it, I think my tastes change the longer I am here) material and both wanted to make it into a dress. Thanks to the culture out here we could. Here we come, Fashion fabulous twins on the town.

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