Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Miracle of Air Travel.

This past weekend my roommate and I took a trip down south to check out a job opportunity for me. I have been to this city numerous times, but I have always travelled by train or sleeper bus, this time since we only had three days we decided to fly. What is normally a twenty four hour trip by land, only took us an hour and a half in the air... and the price wasn't that bad either. Our plane tickets probably cost us an extra $20 CAN, well worth it considering round trip we saved ourselves about 44 hours of travel. I think this is a turning point for me, a conversion to the miracle of air travel.

The trip itself was great. I was really impressed with the company, its office, and employees. They have an extra apartment that I will be able to rent. It is about the same size as I have now, but because of the cities remote location the price is half of what I pay now. Anyway here are some shots from around town.
A picture of the Old city as taken from the town ferris wheel

Motor bikes, the best way to get around town

New Friends

Great Architecture

Faces around town


~ Amanda ~ said...

so glad you could make the trip down and in such short time. wow! what a difference.
i really like the dress you are wearing in the picture with the kids. so cute!

Anonymous said...

Great shots!!!!

Beth said...

you fit right in with the "clown" dress!

And boy...I wish I could upgrade to plane travel for $20. That would be nice,