Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Text Messaging

My new favourite form of communication is text messaging. Writing and sending short notes from my cell phone help modern communication makes one one step closer to being totally impersonal, and yet I love it. The other night one of my local friends and I sent texts back and forth for a good two hours. We could have made an actual phone call and have discussed everything we needed to say in five minutes, but this was more fun.

Since most students here have studied English it is normally our texting language of choice, which gives me the upper hand. Some of their text are so funny based on grammar mistakes or uncertain of what the phraseology means. For instance was when one of my guy friends wrote me a text apologizing for forgetting something the day before, he wrote "I am sorry for yesterday. Have I chance or not?" Which was so not his meaning and made we crack up. I tend to save funny ones like this, until I recently found out from one of my friends who doesn't speak English how cute and funny in an incorrect way, my texts I write in Uyghur are.

Okay here is one that will make you laugh. My friend is a teacher and she recently wrote one of her students that had been sick a quick "Feel better soon" text. The students friend responds by sending her this flower message:

"Just now you showed concern to Peter. So, such is life. What makes us happy is what we have now not what we don't have. We should never complain of life where we live. One's fate is in the charge of oneself; happiness comes from one's heart; only one oneself can makes all come true; so come towards the good not the bad. Now matter how salty the teas are, a smiling face can always make brilliance fly around one, and no matter how long the night is, the dawn can always break the dark. So we should cherish all around us and never lose hope. May you happy everyday, dear teacher"

Oh the joy of texting


Deon said...

You know it may be because I am old, but I just don't get texting.
Most of the words are not even complete. Most people can do it without looking, I have even know of guy that could text while the phone was in his pocket!
I marvel at those who are able to do texting, I am still getting use email!!!

Anonymous said...

I pretty much only SMS now, I rarely call anyone. Here its super expensive for phone calls, and cheaper to SMS.

Beth said...

It's very Hamlet-ish. But when we have so many mediums (properly, media) to ponder the mysteries of existence, why not texts, too?