Friday, February 05, 2010

Coats Inside Out

Culture and customs can manifest themselves in the simplest every day actions. A westerner was visiting out here recently and I offered to take their coat. As they passed it to me they folded the coat by grabbing the shoulders and folding it. I took the coat and without even thinking about it refolded it the other way. My guest raised their eyebrow just slightly at my reflex action. Locals out here fold their coat so that the inside is facing out. They value keeping the outer part of the coat clean. I have had so many Uyghur guests through my home, and taken so many local peoples coats for them, that I now routinely fold them inside out. It is such a small thing, but it does reflect the little customs that are unique to different places and different peoples.

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Beth said...

Welcome back to real-time Internet! That's interesting - to me it makes sense that the outside part of the coat is the dirty part. But I suppose that for regular clothes we think the outside should stay why not with coats too...hmm.

I'm curious about the new picture you're using as your header!