Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hello "Big Plate of Chicken"

I was walking down the street the other day when I heard a familiar greeting tentatively whispered by my side. "Yakshmusiz Da pan Ji". I looked around expecting to see a small child behind me (after I appeared on a Uyghur game show over a year ago many of the neighborhood children gave me the nickname of my favorite food. 'big plate of chicken'). Only this time there was no little ones to be seen. Instead I realized I had just passed a traditional, fully veiled, Muslim woman. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she gazed out at me from the small slit in her head covering. She might have forgotten my name, but I was glad she was brave enough to find some way to greet me.


Dave said...

I LOVE this post...for so many reasons!!! :) martina

Beth said...

You're a good sport to put up with a nickname like "Big Plate of Chicken" :)