Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Medicine Coffee- Coming to a Coffee Shop Near You

Uyghurs have a unique tea flavor that they call medicine tea. It is a black tea with cinnamon, cardamom and other spices ( I haven’t asked what those other spices are, because I am very scared they will tell me it is dried snake).

We climbed off the sleeper bus at a small stop along the way. I grabbed a pack of instant coffee to help keep me going. I figured I could just get some boiling water and enjoy a break. I asked around, but all the tea pots were filled with medicine tea.

How bad can it be? I’ve heard of cinnamon coffee… and cardamom is good. I had high hopes that it would taste so good that Starbucks would be knocking down my door for the recipe. Boy was I wrong.

Coffee- good.

Medicine tea – good

Mix the two together = waste of a perfectly good coffee package and an overall bad start to a long day.

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Rahangul said...

Make sure you drink an extra cup for me! Fun new pics; decided to wear scarves? I think if I go back I would start wearing one maybe.