Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Same Bus, Same Lady

During the summer of 2010 a friend and I took a crazy trip south, we spent 55 hours in 5 days on the bus travelling.  On one of our many rides we meet up with this sweet older woman who was traveling with her granddaughter.  We had a sweet time chatting and sharing our food with them.   We even ran into the on the street twice over the next few days.   During my most recent trip south I was at the bus station again planning on travelling between those same two cities when I once again ran into this same women.  We had quite a joyful reunion.  When Older Uyghur women get excited the pitch of their voice tends to go up several notches hitting high notes almost unknown to the human ear. A skill that I have learned to imitate quite well.  The squeals and shrieks of delight let the rest of our bus mates know the excitement of seeing each other again.  Soon all were in agreement that Allah had planned for us to meet up and be friends.  We sat next to each other for the next eight hours holding hands or her sleeping with her head in my lap.
My friend and the women on the bus two years ago

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Em said...

No way! This is so cool. I still remember her--and her comment about our "long noses"--first (and only) time that a big nose is a compliment. ;)