Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stuffing the Head Scarf

When I travel down south I tend to wear a head scarf, it is more appropriate and respectful of the culture.  When I use to wear them I always felt like my hair was just too flat to hold it up, I tended to spend the majority of my day readjusting the colorful accessory and in an attempt to keep it from slipping off.   All Uyghur girls put their hair in a big bun on the top of their head and you can see the bump of hair under the scarf.  Uyghur girls have such long, thick, dark black hair that I always just figured it contributed to the seeming large appendage on the back of their head.   My relatively short, thin, plain hair was only be twisted up into a droopy little bun that just couldn’t compare.  Their secret isn’t in their length of their hair, or its thickness … the truth is most Uyghur girls stuff their head scarves.  To get that really full-back of the head-bump under the scarf look,  all you need is the biggest scrunchy known to man,  a hair clip with so much volume and fluff of its own that it rivals the size of a soccer ball.  Now with the popper tools in hand I tool can have the trendy fashionable bulge on the back of my head. 
The Desired Look

Getting 'How to' Lessons

Pulling It Off

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Beth said...

I have seen that head bump here too, and I've also always assumed that it was just really long thick hair. Now I know the secret!