Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eyes Wide Shut

Islam teaches that people are not allowed worshiping idols.  This command against graven images can be taken quite literally.  My favorite example of following the letter of the law is the manikins in the fancy women’s dress shops.  These human figures are decked out in high fashion glittery outfits topped off with headscarves and everything – Yet to avoid the appearance of an actual human figure, their eyes have a thick layer of masking tape covering the sockets.   This simple solution is supposed to be enough to turn the figures from an opportunity to sin into a very shapely hanger.  They look harmless enough in the daylight, but walking by a few of these eyeless figures late at night can seem a little creepy. 



Anonymous said...

To be honest, have you ever watched Eyes Wide Shut? I really can't imagine - but what do I know?

KSA said...

Your right... I have honestly never seen the movie, I couldn't even tell you what it is about. I just remember the title and it always comes to mind when I see a row of these taped up ladies.

Beth said...