Saturday, June 30, 2012

It’s A Girl

The baby sitting in the stroller started to fuss.  Since it’s mother’s hands were full helping a client to design a new dress, one of the other seamstress’ patrons went over to the buggy, picked up the precious little bundle and started to rock the baby back and forth.  “What’s wrong little one?... There you go baby… you can stop crying… you're fine, don’t fuss.” She cooed over and over as she cared for the child.  “Are you a little boy or girl?” she asked in the same adorable voice that was calming the agitated little one.  She held the baby at arm’s length and looked down.  “Oh you’re a little girl, a precious little princess aren’t you?” 

No need for guessing in this culture… all babies wear split pants.  Normally these  seamless garments are viewed as nothing more than  an economical alternative to diapers, giving children the convenience of using the bathroom wherever they want, but today at the tailors I was also reminded how they make for easy gender identification tools as well.  

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Beth said...

Wouldn't it make for some embarrassing moments in stores, other people's houses, etc? I bet it also makes for early potty training though!