Saturday, June 09, 2012

If This Was America...

This was the repeated refrain of one of the young women on the tour group I lead last week.  Every where she looked she saw violations, law suits waiting to happen, and people that should be being fined for their behavior... if they were in America, of course. 
  • Family of five all sitting on the same motor bike, no seatbelts, no helmets, no child safety seats.
  • Smoking in every restaurant and taxi 
  • Jay walking across the street and dodging between cars
  • Parking and driving cars in the middle of the sidewalk 
  • Selling non prepackaged food to children
  • Hotels that don't have keys for your room and expect you to leave your door ajar when you go out
  • Letting kids wander unattended down the street
  • Children wearing split pants and flashing the world- indecent exposure
  • Children and animals using the side of the road as a restroom, not using a pooper scooper to pick up the mess.
  • Racism as police repeatedly stopped the white western group for just walking down the street
  • Not marking crater sized holes in the sidewalk, potentially causing others to trip and fall
  • Honking car horns so loud and often that is disturbs the peace
  • The bus leaving an hour and a half before the time printed on the ticket
Maybe in America these are crimes... but here they're just part of everyday life.

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