Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pakistani Food

Living in central Asia means I am surrounded by many different ethnic groups. In fact one of my friends who lives here is from Pakistan. She is here studying to be a medical doctor. We went out with her yesterday for lunch to a Pakistani restaurant in town. This is not my first time going to this restaurant; in fact since living here I have become a big fan of Pakistani food.

Yesterday we let our friend order for us, since she has a much better handle of what is good. One of the dishes she ordered looked a lot like scrambled eggs, but much to my surprise it was actually brain (we are still not sure whose brain, but either sheep or cow). The first time I tried it I have to admit my gag reflects was on over drive. I think there was something just mentally disturbing to me about eating brain. The whole time I was chewing I couldn’t stop thinking “I am eating some poor animal’s brain, it use to think with what is in my mouth”. But on second taste I tried to convince myself it was just like any other dish on the table and to just have a little with my bread. It was actually really good and I found myself going back for more.

So I have officially expanded my worldview and may even be a little smarter for doing so. Eating brain is definitely one of those things that it is better to ask what you are eating after you have already tried it and know you like it, instead of going into the situation with preconceived disgust.

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