Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Set Until the End of August

This morning I went to the city police station to pick up my passport and was pleased to find that I had been granted an eight month visa. I was a little worried this time around since I had attempted to change schools for next semester. This past year I have not had the best learning situation, both the beginning and the end of the semester, were very stressful. In an attempt to avoid the same situation next semester I was hoping to attend the Arts College, which is only a 20 min walk from my home. But after filling in all the paperwork with both my current school and the one I was hoping to transfer to, the Education Commission refused my transfer (frustrating… this really is a place where the government is in control of everything). I was sincerely hoping that they had not tagged my name in the computer system somewhere preventing me from getting a new visa. In fact, the foreign affairs officer at the Arts College was very surprised today when she found out I was still able to get a visa through my old school with out any trouble.


Anonymous said...

That is great!!! I feel your pain with the hassles of govt. visa issuing :(

Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad you got it!