Sunday, February 08, 2009

Shown up by Elephants

The other day some friends invited us to join them and their kids to go to an Elephant camp. It is always more fun to go with a family and share the joy with children ( maybe that is why I have already gone to the Zoo twice and the aquarium once since being here). Elephant camp was cool, but I went away feeling so stupid, a group of big dumb animals are smarter and more talented than me.
They can dance,


Paint pictures -something I have never been good at. When I was in grade 11 my geography teacher took marks off my work because he said that my mountains looked like pyramids with snow on top. But an elephant's artwork sells for 2 000 Baut.

Play soccer- I tended to run away from the ball when I was in school

And haul heavy loads.


KSA said...

Ah, but Dolly you have other talents that the elephants don't.

tikran.ablikim® said...

GREAT...HI... i'm uyghur... Do u know uyghur people? perhaps, I help u learn uyghur langguage... ^-^...

Anonymous said...

Elephants in Africa sure don't do that!!! :)