Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pleasant Trip to the Hospital

Yesterday I made my annual pilgrimage to the hospital in Thailand (I don't really trust the medical care where I live in Central Asia). What is normally a dreadful and avoided situation for most people is almost a highlight of the trip for me. It is hard to believe all that can be accomplished in a few hours.

I learned years ago that you do not have to make an appointment in advance, you can just show up at the hospital, and get in to see a specialist. This is totally amazing to me since I come from Canada and specialists have waiting lists that can be several months long.

Anyway I normally show up at the hospital and tell the front desk clerk what type of doctor I would like to see. Within ten minutes I am often sitting in his office (much better than the gruelling three hour waits I remember from my childhood). Most of the doctors at the hospital in Bangkok have all been trained in the west and speak excellent English. This doctor can then order all the tests I need. From there it is a well oiled machine, first I go to the lab, then off to ex-ray followed by a quick eye exam and back to the original doctor who, by this time, already has the results of my blood work and the ex-rays, he gives me his general report and off I go to pay the bill and pick up meds. Since I am filling a prescription for a whole years worth of medication they sometimes need a little longer , which gives me time to swing by Starbucks on my way and enjoy a cold, icy, frappe, tall, grandee, treat of coffee goodness. And all of this for the low, low price of $1,200 CAD (Not counting the coffee). All of this running around from office to office can be accomplished in 2 and a half hours. It is utterly amazing.

After another of year of this grand tradition, you will all be glad to hear (or at least my mom will) that I have been deemed healthy and fit for another year. I love the hospital.


Anonymous said...

That is incredible!!!

~ Amanda ~ said...

is this the bumrungrad hospital? i LOVE that place. :)