Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Modeling, Mocking, and Moving

A few months ago I posted pictures of my friend and I in our matching local dresses. While we love the clothes, we saw the whole twin thing as a bit of a joke.

When spring came my Uyghur roommate suggested that we all get matching dresses to celebrate the season, and our friendship. She was so excited about the prospect, that my American roommate and I couldn't help but agree.

So we had our fabric made up into different pieces, but with the same matching theme. Unfortunately it wasn't enough just to own the clothing, our roommate told us we had to go around campus and take model shot photos of all of us together. The two of us from the west wanted to roll our eyes or gag a little at the cheesiness of it all. Can you imagine doing this in North America, the mocking from friends would be eternal.

We not only took photos but we also shot a short video clip of us walking around and holding hands so that she could look back with found memories of our time together as roommates. She found this whole twin and togetherness time very moving. She has already printed up pictures as well as sent them to all her friends and family.

I was originally going to mock myself in this post, and claim how silly the whole thing was. But instead I will let my roommate set the tone. Isn't it wonderful to think we will always have these pictures and these clothes to remember this time.


~ Amanda ~ said...

i think you all look great! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, she e-mailed those pictures to me already! You guys look cute together. Makes me jealous :-) I am working on getting a few things to send you, but it might be a bit before I get all the stuff. However, I do have a package of Kraft Organic macaroni with your name on it! That's what I do for my favorite cat.

Anonymous said...

so true!

Beth said...

Actually, I think this is a really cute, fun custom. And it's great that your roommate feels close enough to you to want to do this. Good attitude, KSA :)