Saturday, April 24, 2010

Texting Is Only for Good Boys and Girls (Jan 28th)

I mentioned that on January 16th we were once again able to send text messages. This fun discovery led my friends and I to have deep text messaging conversations like the following.


Very. Where?


Good. Bus stop 5 minutes?


We had to keep it short and to the point because even after the texting ban was lifted we were only allowed to send a total of twenty messages a day (believe it or not those can disappear fast). But I guess not everyone was keeping their messaging privileges as pure as we were.

On January 28th (just 12 days later) everyone was sent the following text from the government (rough translation): Some citizens have been caught misusing text messaging and sending inappropriate messages. They have been jailed.

So now I don't know how much hope there really is that soon our area will be technologically back open. I mean if text messaging is only for good girls and boys, internet much be reserved for the perfect.

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