Thursday, April 29, 2010

Visa Saga Part Two - Vacation is Not Over Yet

Anytime we enter the country we must call our local police officer and let him know we are back. If you enter on anew visa you must go to his office and have him fill out a new blue residence card. This contact with the police must be made within 24 hours of your return, or you could face fines.

I called our friendly neighborhood policeman while we were in the taxi from the airport to our home. I started out asking about his vacation and was surprised to learn he was still off work. He would be returning to the office in two days. I told him I had a new visa and would therefore need a new blue card, and he told me all that could wait until he got back. So my 30 days had started to tick away while I was sitting at home waiting for his vacation to end.

Two days later I showed up at his office bright and early awaiting his arrival. The officer I was waiting for is a really nice guy and easy to chat with, he was able to fill in my residence card, but I noticed he marked my card ending March 21 (since February has only 28 days - I figured I would have until March 23rd to get it all done). But he is the policeman and what he says goes.

30 days - 2 waiting for vacation to be over - 2 days because February is a short month - 2 days for a weekend = 24 days left and counting.

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